Frequently Asked Questions
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Everything by Kate
    How Did you Become a Palmist?
    A long long time ago...  ;)
    One of my very psychic friends came out of a used book store and handed me a book on palmistry.  She said, “Here.  I got this for two dollars.  You will be really good at it.”

    Which Hand Do You Read?
     It is important to have two hands present at a hand analysis.  No two hands are the same, even when they are a pair.  Most individuals offer their dominant hand freely, but it should be known that for me, the dominant hand holds information about your past. This hand is your “Reference hand”.  Your weaker hand holds information about your future.  This hand is your “Fortune hand”.
     It is not my place to read into people’s pasts; however, the availability of the Reference hand assures an analysis of the present and future.  This is what one should expect to receive from a hand analysis from me.
   What About Confidentiality?
   I enjoy sharing my insights and guidance, and I do take your energy seriously.  Anyone offering hands for my analysis or body for my facilitation is placing trust in me, whether they realize it or not.  It is an honor.  I will always respect the confidentiality and the personal nature of any session.

    Can You Work With Me From a Distance?
    Yes!  I have clients of all kinds- the world over.