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Formal Hand Chart

Formal Charting of the Fortune Hand.  Fingers, Lines, Mounts, Marks, and Movement of Energies Included. 

Pricing 100.00


formal reunions

Kate will float around providing readings for guests, or you can set up a space for private readings. 

Contact Kate for planning your party.

Minimum Time 2 hours

Non refundable deposit required for booking.  100% of deposit goes towards party.  Price includes arrival throughout Denver Metro.

Pricing 360.00 per hour

Need Kate to come to you?  Email for a Quote and Booking events outside of Denver!



Make the most of your palmistry party with extras!  Packages may be purchased individually or collectively.

Live Hand Charts included with all readings!

Photographed Hands Yes, your lines change!  Capture the moment.  Compare with your friends!  High quality photos are dated and delivered via email 

Pricing 20.00 individual

Book of Charts

For Group events and larger parties, the Book of Charts is a keepsake of all charted hands from a single event, conveniently bound within a single volume.

Pricing variable upon event.

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To receive sample reports, email request


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friends & family reunions

This party package is designed for relaxed atmospheres for groups of 12 or more people. This package is also set up for individual payment responsibility at a discounted rate.

This event may run for 1 day or an entire weekend.

Babies and Children may be read with the presence of a legal guardian.

Contact Kate for planning your party.

Minimum Time 30 minute readings: 60.00

additional 15 minute increments: 30.00 per

rates are for each individual present, including all couples readings. excluding guardian(s) of child during child’s single reading. 

Refundable Deposit required for booking.  Deposit held in faith of the presence of 12 persons, each with cleared payment before reading.

Price 720.00 cleared payment, refunded at the end of the event.

Need Kate to come to you?  Email for a Quote and Booking events outside of Denver!

Recordings on MP3

Recordings of Kate’s readings are highly recommended. She facilitates a lot of information and energetic changes in a short period of time. Many individuals reach a saturation point before the end of the reading.

MP3 Delivered on CD: 30.00

Mp3 Delivered via email download: 20.00



Although Kate is most known for her Palmistry, she facilitates a lot more than hands.  Why not let Kate tap into her vault of tools while she accesses your hand?  These sessions can be shared with up to 3 people at once! Increase the energy and save!

360.00 per session individual

480.00 per session pair

540.00 per session group of 3

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