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   “Kate's readings are thorough, very explanatory, and always on the dot! I have had two from her and both readings blew me away at how spot on they were. She makes herself available if you want to further discuss your reading one on one and is very willing to reiterate any part of the reading so you can understand it if you do not. I will continue to get readings from Kate and I recommend her to anyone!” - C.

    “I really was impressed with your reading... You are the first palm reader that has read me with any degree of detail or accuracy for about 20 years... I think 99% of all palm readings I have ever had I could have done as well with those cheesy little del books on the end caps at the super markets. I usually feel ripped off. You are so thorough and so detailed.” - J.

    “To be honest I was a bit of a skeptic about hand readings, but after receiving the report that Kate provided I am sold! I was amazed at the accuracy of the report, and how well it was written - in-depth but keeping in mind the audience by explaining terminologies with which I was not familiar. Thanks Kate!”  -T.

    “My friend gave me the gift of a hand reading by Kate for my birthday this year and it was a first for me. Kate's reading was very enlightening and helped me to make decisions about my future. I have been going through a few life lessons for a few years and my reading helped me to understand the inward battle that I had been fighting. I had many questions about the reading and what it meant for me. Kate took time to go over my reading with me and answered a lot of questions. I will have Kate read my hand again as the reading helped me to feel confident with my life decisions. Thanks Kate!” -B

    “Kate's palm reading has become what appears to be a very critical step in a journey I've been on for some time. It was the next clause after the comma... as if I had sort of stopped and was waiting for something or someone to complete the sentence- the reading came along and did just that. It gave me spectacular insight and guidance onto where I am, and where I am going. Actually, the most beneficial aspect for me was the insight into who I am. It's amazing that a person can live in a body and not realize the tendencies that we have until someone looks at your palm and tells you- nudges you, informs you. Her way of explaining what she sees is completely fascinating and poetic. I read it over and over, not just to absorb the information, but also because it was as if it was spoken in a beautiful language that I wanted to hear again.

Thank you Kate for what is still proving to be an incredibly beneficial reading!” -A

   “Wow, I just re-read this, and I'll have to say that it was a lot easier to read it now than it was earlier this year! I could hardly get thru it then, but now I see how accurate it was (and still is ...).” -L